• Professional advice on planning matters generally

• Preparation and lodgement of development applications for a wide range of proposals including –

o Material Changes of Use for residential, retail, mixed use, industrial development and environmentally relevant activities

o Reconfiguration of a Lot

o Building work assessable against a planning scheme

• Preparation and collation of planning reports and supporting information

• Management of the progression of an application through the IDAS development approval process

• Liaison and negotiation with Council and State Government departmental officers

• Undertaking public notification of development proposals and referral of applications to State Government Agencies

• Project co-ordination and management of development applications requiring additional input from other professionals

• Written representations on decision notices

• Written advice and/or representation in support of submitters objecting to development applications

• Written advice and/or representation on Show Cause and Enforcement Notices.

• Site assessment and advice on potential development alternatives under a planning scheme

Planning reports are tailored to suit the job at hand, large or small, and to meet your particular needs or those of your client.  Clear, succinct, thorough and well written planning submissions of substance, designed to minimize or eliminate as far as practicable any undue delay in the approval process, will be provided.  All work to be undertaken will be outlined in a letter of proposal to you and a quotation given.